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Diarmaid  Mulcahy
Diarmaid Mulcahy
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Health risks of 5G untested Wifi Technology. Introduction of a system of Public Banks. Full debate on who benefits from our Natural Resources. Review of our Health services (particularly mental health). Homelessness and Rural Isolation. Safeguarding our children’s future due to climate change.

Election history:

15 years ago I stood in the local elections in Galway for the Green Party. This time around I wish to bring all my experience to Europe. I believe that Europe is changing dramatically and people require someone like me who is compassionate, motivated and conscious in the face of this change.


  1. Stopping the roll out of 5G WiFi technology as there are enormous questions around it’s health and safety for us all. See Resolution 1815 2011.
  2. Setting up a system of public banks where people have control over their monies, empowering the community, and providing commercial loans.
  3. Putting people first, listening to their needs, re-presenting them, and facilitating negotiations in Brussels on their behalf is a top priority.