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Q1. Local Property Tax rates in Limerick should be reduced, even if it means cutting spending on local services and amenities
Homeowners must pay the Local Property Tax (LPT). The revenue raised is used to fund local services and some of it is redistributed to other local authorities. The local authority can adjust the rate by up to 15% from the basic rate each year.
Q1. Local Property Tax rates in Limerick should be reduced, even if it means cutting spending on local services and amenities
  • Ruairi Fahy

    Ruairi Fahy

    People Before Profit

    The property tax was implemented as an austerity tax and is penalising people for the house price increasing due to government policy to drive those prices up. Locally directed spending in Ireland is under half the EU average and increasing the property tax to the maximum won't shift that by 1% - source: candidate

  • Sarah Beasley

    Sarah Beasley


    In fact the funding should come from Central Government. - source: candidate

Neither agree nor disagree
Maurice Quinlivan

Maurice Quinlivan

Sinn Féin

source: candidate

  • Caitríona  Ní Chatháin

    Caitríona Ní Chatháin

    Socialist Party

    False argument. The introduction of the property tax was not only unfair on lower income households, it represented a massive cut funding of local government which peaked in 2008 at €1bn whereas annual LPT receipts amount to less than €500m. That money should be restored & used as an investment fund - source: candidate

  • Colm Ó'Móráin

    Colm Ó'Móráin


    We should focus on finding efficiencies in our local services and amenities before considering cutting their spend. Property tax could come down over time if this was achieved. - source: candidate

  • Dee Ryan

    Dee Ryan

    Fianna Fáil

    It is essential to run a balanced budget but I am open to selective usage of LPT exemptions for essential policy priorities. - source: candidate

Frankie Daly

Frankie Daly


source: candidate

Helen O'Donnell

Helen O'Donnell


source: candidate

Elisa O'Donovan

Elisa O'Donovan

Social Democrats

source: candidate

  • Daniel Butler

    Daniel Butler

    Fine Gael

    These funds are pumped directly back into the communities and are needed to deliver those services and facilities. - source: candidate

  • Laura Keyes

    Laura Keyes


    Property taxes are needed. The biggest problem with them is the lack of transparency on what the money is spent on. I want to bring in publications on the detail of the expenditure by Council of the money collected from people's property taxes. - source: candidate

  • Conor Sheehan

    Conor Sheehan

    Labour Party

    The LPT is a progressive tax and one of very few revenue raising measures Limerick City and County Council have. As a net benefactor of the equalisation fund, I want to see LPT revenue invested in community amenities such as parks and playgrounds. - source: candidate

  • Brian Leddin

    Brian Leddin

    Green Party

    A better society is one that provides a myriad of beneficial services and amenities for its members. We all get the benefit from paying LPT, through the many, many services and amenities provided to us by the local authority. - source: candidate

  • John Moran

    John Moran


    Limerick residents have shown a clear preference every year for services and amenities over tax cuts like this. I agree. - source: candidate

  • Gerben Uunk

    Gerben Uunk

    Party for Animal Welfare

    LPT rates form a valuable source to fund vital local services. In my view LPT should be means tested. - source: candidate

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