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Niamh Kennedy
Niamh Kennedy

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

It is time for a change in politics, more independent voices are required for good governance. People must be accountable and transparent in the running of this Country. More choice is required by the people, the old fashioned corruption and nepotism must go and replace with people who truly care.

Election history:

First time elected to local government in the Donegal Municipal District of Donegal County Council May 2014. Topping the poll at 1746 1st preferences.


  1. Other Your health is your wealth...Our health service is in crisis by mismanagement of hospitals and ambulance services, lack of will from HSE to cooperate.
  2. Other Care for our elderly, lack of supports, transport, rural Garda stations closing, pensioners afraid in their own homes. Closure of local post offices.
  3. Other Childcare and people with disabilities, requirements for carers in the home, financial supports to help alleviate the costs of vital services for all.