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Ian Noel  Smyth
Ian Noel Smyth
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Decent Housing, a fairer economy, better transport, improved education provision, better healthcare, A vibrant city for all ages, A greener Dublin. I will have meetings every friday lunchtime at Green Design Build, 142 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, so drop in and we can discuss your issues.

Election history:

I ran for the Green Party in the Local Elections 2014. The next election is where we are going to go from here as a country, and going in a green direction with a sustainable economic model representing the people, is going to be better, fairer & more secure, and I will do this in the next Dail.


  1. Decent Housing. Give people the power to renovate their own homes at low cost, to provide for accommodation for extended families as an ‘Urban Need’.
  2. Solve the transport issues as more people will be living in our neighborhoods. This will reduce the use of the car & improve our infrastructure.
  3. Local Jobs allow workers to live closer to where they work, avoid the complete waste of time and energy in commuting improving Your Health.