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Jan Van De Ven
Jan Van De Ven
Direct Democracy Ireland
Party 11

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I think the European Union is a good thing. Like China and Russia the directly people elected EU parliament cannot create or change law, this power is held by the EU Commission. Soon with an EU Army the EU Commission will have the power to declare war. Let's work together to reform EUROPE!!!

Election history:

2014 European Elections 2019 European Elections 2019 Local Elections Wexford


  1. Reform Europe by reforming Ireland with Citizen initiated Referendum (CIR). CIR allows the citizen to reverse any Irish or EU laws passed by the Dáil.
  2. Use CIR to protect the Environment. Protect our water, air and food. The politicians have failed us, we have a climate emergency. CIR is the answer.
  3. Use CIR to protect Irish Neutrality, stop Vulture Funds, end property taxes, end TV license and get a Norway like deal for oil and gas extraction.