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Breda Patricia Gardner
Breda Patricia Gardner
Party 6

Incumbent :

Main message to voters:

I am focusing on three key areas: 1. Health: put the patient first 2. Housing: put the people first 3. Environment: put nature first I want to use Europe as a platform to put pressure on and shame our national government into doing the right thing. And put people first, not parties and elites.

Election history:

Indedendent Kilkenny County Councillor Elected 2014


  1. HEALTH: Inform Europe about the endemic failings in our health service and apply pressure on our Govt to force them to deliver a better service.
  2. HOUSING: Civil war parties are incapable of solving the problem, and I want to push for more EU funds and input into house building by the state.
  3. ENVIRONMENT: We need to think big, be creative and think long term. Start with a 25c tax on plastic bottles and renewables can resell to the grid.