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Sheila Nunan
Sheila Nunan
Party 3

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I stand for quality jobs, decent living standards and secure futures in education, employment and retirement, we must also ensure quality public services for all. I will work to minimise Brexit's impact, especially on rural communities. I will ensure that we tackle climate change as a priority.

Election history:

I have ran and been elected on two separate occasions - once as General Secretary of the INTO and once as President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.


  1. Housing and Homelessness - Secure European Investment Bank funding to support Labour’s proposed EU wide social house building scheme.
  2. Climate Action - There must be a just transition when moving to a low carbon economy, to protect livelihoods and incomes when jobs are displaced.
  3. Workers’ Rights- I stand for decent jobs, decent conditions and wages, protecting those in precarious roles and those who may be impacted by Brexit.