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Diarmuid O'Flynn
Diarmuid O'Flynn
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

We're in the middle of a global war between the haves & have-nots; Parliaments are major battlegrounds in that war, corporate lobbyists capturing legislators to ease the way for their profit-driven ambitions. In that war, the vote is the most powerful weapon of all. On May 24th, use it; use it well.

Election history:

First run at politics was the EParl elections of 2014; did well in the 1st count, lasted til the 10th of 12 counts but lost out, due mainly to massive surplus transfer from Brian Crowley to FF running-mate. If I had managed to overhaul Mr Hartley again and got in among the FG three, who knows???


  1. You can believe the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change, or believe the few deniers. I'm one of the former. Declare an emergency, now.
  2. Too many politicians, captured by corporate lobbyists, prioritise private interests. They overlap, but public reps should prioritise public interests.
  3. There is far too much discrimination in the world, against women most of all but also colour/religion/origin-based. Enough. We are one race, all equal